Ravens Reign

The Ravens Reign is made with GameDay Vodka and Owen’s Transfusion Mix

This sparkling cocktail is packed with a combination of vibrant flavors. Owen’s Transfusion mix combines the flavors of grape juice and ginger ale and pairs perfectly with GameDay Vodka! Mix up a batch of these purple Ravens cocktails and you’ll earn MVP status for sure. So, grab your bottle of GameDay and get to mixing!Ravens Reign GameDay Vodka Cocktail


  • Tall Glass
  • 1.5oz GameDay Vodka
  • 1 Can of Owen's Transfusion Grape Mix
  • Pitcher
  • 12oz GameDay Vodka
  • 8 Cans of Owen's Transfusion Grape Mix


In a tall glass. Add GameDay vodka over ice. Fill with one can of Owen's Transfusion Grape Mix.

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