Apple Butter the MVP of Thanksgiving

Show up to Thanksgiving dinner with the real MVP. No - we’re not talking about turkey.

This ingredient can elevate any dish and drink. It’s as versatile as Christian McCaffrey and can be homemade or store bought. We’re talking about Apple Butter and boy is it a game changer. 

GameDay Vodka at Thanksgiving

Apple Butter Cocktail

One of our favorite ways to use Apple Butter this Thanksgiving is in a cocktail, whether you’re mixing up a classic GameDay vodka mule or martini, using Apple Butter can help bring out those fall flavors. 


Apple Butter Turkey

Now before you indulge in a few cocktails, make sure you get that turkey in the oven and you’ll never guess what we’re basting it with. You’re absolutely right! APPLE BUTTER. Check out this delicious recipe that will win over the entire family:


Apple Butter Bites

Hopefully you don’t use all the Apple Butter being the family bartender, because we have some appetizers you can whip up for everyone to munch on while watching football. These easy baked prosciutto and brie bites pair perfectly with your favorite Spiked canned cocktail.

Now who’s the real MVP of Thanksgiving dinner? We’re giving you the playbook. All you have to do is run the play and Apple Butter will definitely make you Thanksgiving champ.

Apple Butter Pie

Before the night game comes on, catch that second wind and get the dessert table ready…and no surprise – there is an Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie!

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