Create Your Tampa Super Bowl Drink For The Big Game

Does your team of friends already have set plans for the Super Bowl? If not, now’s the time to make some. Make sure to start by creating your Tampa Super Bowl drink because what’s game day without our smoothest vodka in hand?

Fans watching with Tampa Super Bowl Drink in hand

Low-Calorie Libation

Since February is still early days in completing our resolutions list, we created a cocktail that any vodka lover can enjoy, regardless of the dietary restrictions that you may have. This classic vodka cocktail is one you can toast to a few times over since it’s entirely guilt-free!

Run & Shoot Cheers

Next on the roster, we have our refreshing grapefruit Run & Shoot GameDay cocktail. A perfect Tampa Super Bowl drink that adds a little tang to that touchdown moment! Our recipe even calls for some jalapeño spice in the mix if you’re into firing up your tastebuds to stay alert for every minute of the big game.

GameDay All-American Mule

Last in our line up, but first on the field is our GameDay All-American Mule. This one’s a crowd-pleaser, and it goes down just as smooth as it was for your team to score that touchdown. We’re already putting those vibes out for their game day plays now! This one makes for the perfect Tampa Super Bowl drink for the vodka lovers who live to toast the classics.

Game Day All American Vodka bottle and Mule Mug - Tampa Super Bowl Drink

If you’re looking to elevate the watch party set up for the whole 2021 season, we have a treat for you. As proud partners of the big game, we’re hosting a giveaway for the ultimate game day Super Bowl experience. Oh, and this one’s worth looking into if you are, or live with, a football fan that can’t get enough of their watch party set-up. We’re talking about big wins with even bigger screens here. 

Order a bottle today or find a GameDay All American Vodka vendor near you to get your Tampa Super Bowl drink together before kickoff. And may the best team win come February 7th!

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