GameDay Vodka Gifts Made For Your Loved Ones

If you’re ready to keep the love in the air all season long, here’s our guide to pairing vodka gifts based on who you love and what they enjoy. So, let’s get pouring and adoring!

Is it just us, or does Valentine’s Day seem to live in the air all month long? Whether you’re celebrating with loved ones, family, or a significant other, this holiday doesn’t have to be stressful like the movies make it out to be. Plus, we think that snagging some vodka gifts for the occasion might help, don’t you agree? 


When it comes to pairing the right kind of pour for your celebrations, we’re here to help.  I mean, it’s vodka made by us after all, so you’re on the right team.

Vodka Gifts For The Team Player

As avid sports fans ourselves, crafting vodka for the true team players has been our goal since day one. That’s why we created different color combinations to make sure the team affiliations your loved ones take pride in are met with a vodka to match. Because what better way to score some brownie points than by pouring a cocktail that reps their favorite team?

Vodka Gifts For The Mixologist

A true mixologist knows, smoother vodka = better drinks. It might seem like a basic equation to most, but in all seriousness, the details matter. Our Terrepure distilling process ensures that the vodka made in our distillery is immediately winning the “smoothest-in-the-game.”

Pairing our GameDay All American Vodka with the cocktails that our team of fellow mixologists has crafted up is definitely the way to go. You are already winning some serious points with your loved ones by doing this alone!

Vodka Gifts For The Memory Maker

Cheers to the dedicated sappy members of our circles, to the ones that always have their camera out and ready to capture life’s sweetest moments. We love life with you, our memory makers! And to think, what would a party be without them? Any vodka gifts given to these lovers in our lives have to be picturesque and, bottom-line, worth remembering. With our stocked line of coloring or the classic matte black bottling, your memory maker is sure to post a ‘gram or two! Make sure to tag us on Instagram in their moments of celebration.

Find a bottle near you to give vodka gifts made for the loved ones in your life. Or as an act of self-love, order one for yourself, because why not?

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