Gluten-Free Vodka Makes Game Day For Everyone

When it comes to winning the gluten-free vodka game, we’re everyone’s biggest fans. All of our GameDay All-American Vodka bottles are certified gluten-free, meaning they are safe for any wheat-based dietary restrictions you may have. 


We’re committed to providing the superior gluten-free vodka option through our distilling, taste, and inclusivity. Here’s how our vodka is winning the game.


Six-Times Terrepure Distilled 

The magic of creating gluten-free vodka is in the distilling process. The Terrepure distilling process essentially cleans the vodka in a fast and efficient way. It uses ultrasonic energy-driven oxidation after the initial distilling process to clarify and refine the vodka. This process results in a more sophisticated vodka for you to add to your line-up.   

The gluten grains that most vodka brands are distilled from are broken down through this process to disable the gluten proteins from reacting in one’s gestational track. Another winning feature of our gluten-free vodka is that it’s distilled from corn as opposed to other wheat grains, adding that extra assurance of no cross-contamination anywhere in the distilling process.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our distilling experts, based in Charleston, South Carolina, refine small batches through the patented Terrepure process. We play by the rules on the field and in the distilling room.

Superior Taste 

There’s no disagreeing that the taste of a gluten-free vodka brand matters, so we made sure to factor that into each step of our distilling process. Our six-times-distilled Terrepure process results in a more pleasant aroma, reduced alcoholic burn, and a much better mouth feel. The result is a smoother, better vodka. All the bite without the burn – a winning combination for all of your drinks


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Inclusive For All Players 

With other vodka brands crafting their drinks from wheat grains that may contain trace strains of gluten proteins from cross-contact in the distilling process, our choice to craft small-batch corn vodka was to make it accessible to all. Not only that, but the smoother taste and refined distilling process gave us the ability to confidently produce gluten-free vodka for all our team players

When it’s game time, you know who to look to for your gluten-free vodka needs! Order a bottle of GameDay All American Vodka today to taste what we’re talking about.

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