Guide to Daygaming

The official start of summer is June 21st and that means it’s time to start daygaming! A whole day of drinking can lead to a lot of fun, but only if you make your plays strategically. You’ll be able to play all day long by following this simple guide!


1. Stay Hydrated

Daygaming requires intense hydration. Make sure you’re sipping on water and non-alcoholic beverages throughout all the fun and games! Check out these Tervis Tumblers to help you stay hydrated while repping your favorite team!

2. Save The Liquor ‘Til Halftime

Nobody loves GameDay more than us, but even the pros can’t handle liquor all day long. So, save the vodka mixers ‘til half time and kickstart the day with GameDay Spiked! Our new canned vodka cocktails are infused with electrolytes and real fruit juice so you can play all day. These performance cocktails are 5% alcohol by volume and only 99 calories a piece. Check out our store mapper to see where to find Spiked near you!

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Wet

There’s nothing like cooling off in the pool in the summer heat. Better yet, bring the drinking games to the pool! Check out this Inflatable Pong Table and Floating Drink Holders to bring the party into the pool. There’s nothing better than sipping Spiked in the water!

4. Get Your GameDay Grub On

Fire up the grill and fix up all the fan favorites! All your MVPs will need to be fueled to hang on ‘til the fourth quarter. So, grab some burgers, hotdogs and all the fixings to feed your team! Staying well nourished leads to a win for everyone!

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