Holiday Gift Bundles

GameDay is a lifestyle. The best way to bring the spirit of GameDay to your holiday gifting is with a unique gift bundle for the sports fan in your life. A GameDay gift is perfect for the fantasy-pro or the white elephant game in the office. Your bundle can be whatever you make it, but it’s essential to add a bottle of award-winning GameDay All American Vodka. What colors do you bleed? Choose from 16 different color schemes, or go with the classic matte black bottle. Once you secure your bottle, pair it up with some fun themed gift items like these:

Lebron: Life Lessons from the King $13.99

Brian Boone’s Lebron: Life Lessons from the King is a great read for any basketball fan. It offers Lebron’s secrets to success and a peek behind the curtain. Love to watch the G.O.A.T play? Your GameDay gift wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of purple/yellow GameDay vodka (hello, Lakers!) or a box of GameDay Spiked- THE GOAT flavor.

Lebron: Life Lessons from the King

Red Sox Fenway Park Candle $39

This gift would make any Boston fan smile. Bundle it with GameDay Spiked- Cleat Chaser for that friend who only dates athletes or a red/blue bottle of GameDay vodka if you’re gifting it to your Dad. If you like the idea but you have a NY, AZ or Cubs fan to worry about, then you’re in luck! Homesick offers other options to choose from.

Red Sox Fenway Park Candle

Slate Coasters- Greatest Broncos Plays $36

Playbook has all the answers to your gift bundling needs. Pick your favorite team and pair some ‘greatest plays’ coasters with a bottle of GameDay Vodka in that team’s colors! You don’t have to stop at football for this one–they offer gift items for all fans.

Slate Coasters- Greatest Broncos Plays

Titleist Cap $37 & Golf Club Drink Dispenser $45

GameDay is for everyone–it’s even a favorite on the links. Our vodka mixes well to make a smooth, premium cocktail and our Spiked Canned Cocktails travel easy and the added electrolytes keep you refreshed in the hot sun. If you’re looking to make a gift bundle for the golfer in your life, look no further than a bottle of GameDay (any color, we prefer Black Matte) and this Titleist wool blend fitted hat to match. You want to win Christmas? Add this Golf Club drink dispenser. No golf bag is complete without it. Mix up your favorite cocktail and pour right into the club–it will discreetly dispense your favorite cocktail, keeping you cool on the green all day.

Titleist Cap and Golf Club Drink Dispenser

It’s easy to gift a jersey or logo’d cups and sneakers. Undoubtedly, the sports fan in your life already has all of these things. Think outside the box and make this year’s gift fun and sentimental. Plus, everyone appreciates a good bottle of vodka.

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