How To Host The Ultimate Tampa Super Bowl Watch Party

True football fans already know what’s coming on February 7th, the Super Bowl! So in true GameDay style, we’re sharing our take on how to host the ultimate Tampa Super Bowl watch party for 2021!

People cheering at television for a tampa super bowl watch party

You’ll want to watch the game with people that share your hype. We are excited to participate in the big game experience at the Tampa Riverwalk and are even more excited to offer you a chance to win the ultimate game day experience. Whichever lucky fan wins this, will have the ultimate Tampa Super Bowl watch party that friends will be talking about for years to come. Don’t miss the chance to take home this win! The contest ends on January 31st.


Now let’s talk about the snack and drink table, the real party favorite! If you’re hosting an outdoor Tampa Super Bowl watch party with your closest friends, you’ll be sure to wow them with one of our GameDay cocktail recipes

Although the crowded rooms of Super Bowl’s past might’ve been your original plan for celebrating the big game, no need to have any game day regrets. Cut down your invite list to keep you and your fellow fans safe. Or skip the scramble altogether and host a virtual watch party with all your friends! What can we say? It’s just more fun to cheer at your screen with teammates!


Next, it’s time to find a GameDay All American Vodka vendor near you. Getting your Publix draft list in line and heading to the store can have its perks, especially when you know you’ll be coming back to pour a fresh drink to recognize your accomplishments. We celebrate the small wins too. Cheers to our Tampa Super Bowl watch party planners! You deserve another pour. Just saying.

People grilling out for a Tampa Super Bowl Watch Party


The ultimate #SundayFunday has arrived, and it’s time to turn on the pregame show on the largest screen you can find. The second best thing to being there in real-time. 

Setting up cornhole outside or organizing a quick backyard football game with your teammates present are two great ways to get the GameDay spirit in full swing. Use some of our homegating tips to craft a watch party experience your friends won’t stop talking about. Warning, you might just get drafted as the next quarterback for hosting all the watch parties to come! Quite the honor and responsibility. It’s just that good.


After everyone grabs their handcrafted vodka cocktail of choice, it’s game on! Tune into the game live, and make sure to tag us in how you style your GameDay drink of choice on Instagram so we can be part of your Tampa Super Bowl watch party experience!

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