Hosting a Super Bowl Party

With just one month left until the 56th Super Bowl, fans should start making plays before the clock runs out. Hosting a winning Super Bowl party doesn’t require scrambling in the fourth quarter when you can start planning now!

Whether it’s your home team or arch-rival playing in Super Bowl LVI, the party starts with booze. Elevate your tailgate with some GameDay signature cocktails. Craft a Hail Mary Bloody to spice things up when your team is down. When things are going sweet, prepare a Naked Bootleg. Remember, smooth vodka and smooth plays go hand in hand.

Enter the Red Zone with bottomless chips and hot salsa. This easy appetizer requires zero prep and is sure to satisfy the cravings of even the pickiest fans. Go the extra yard and provide your team with your favorite guacamole and queso!

Set up those squares! Invite all your guests to buy some squares at the start of the party. Putting a little bit of money on the line will certainly make things exciting. Just don’t cross an angry fan! Click here to download your free printable Super Bowl squares. 


Get the fans excited with turf-lined tables! Set up your spread over faux grass to replicate the field. Consider using white duct tape to designate yard lines on the faux field. This touch is sure to elevate your tailgate! Win over your teammates with a field goal post centerpiece. This easy-to-assemble goal post can be made out of PVC pipe and reused over the years.

Hosting the ultimate Super Bowl party doesn’t have to break the bank. Just make sure you grab the essentials: GameDay vodka, playmates and high spirits!

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