How To Pair Wings With Football

Wednesday is National Chicken Wing Day, which has to be one of the best days of the year for sports fans. There are few foods that scream sports like a good chicken wing, especially when it’s slathered in a delicious sauce and dipped in blue cheese dressing (never ranch). Whether you’re at a bar enjoying the game or sitting on the couch with your favorite GameDay vodka cocktail, every good football game needs an equally good chicken wing.
We’ve taken some of the most popular wing sauces in the United States and paired them with some of the most exciting college football games this season. So when you’re on your couch on Saturdays this fall watching your favorite college team, try these pairings to spice up your GameDay experience.

Chipotle-Lime: Miami vs. Alabama (Sept. 4)

This sauce has plenty of warm heat from the chipotle and a little bit of tartness from the lime, which feels like this game between the Hurricanes and Crimson Tide. Miami is still trying to return to its former glory and it has the chance to make an immediate statement in the opener against the defending champions. The Hurricanes still have the swagger of “The U” and there is plenty of confidence in Coral Gables – the chipotle in this matchup. Alabama knows what is expected of it every year and it has a quieter confidence and workmanlike attitude – the lime in this case. This game is far more important to Miami than Alabama, but both teams will want to start the season with a victory.

Lemon Pepper: Clemson vs. Georgia (Sept. 4)

This might be the most anticipated game of the opening weekend as two teams with national championship aspirations clash in Atlanta. Although there is plenty of spice in this matchup, it’s not the same level of heat as the Alabama-Miami game as both teams can afford to lose this game and still win the national championship. This is just a classic matchup between two high-profile teams the same way lemon-pepper is a classic seasoning of two high-profile flavors.

Classic Buffalo: Oklahoma vs. Texas (Oct. 9)

There is no more classic chicken wing sauce as a nice spicy, tangy buffalo sauce. One may argue there are more classic rivalries than Oklahoma-Texas, but it certainly is in the discussion for the best rivalry in college football. This game has plenty of more intrigue given the latest news in the college football world, but even without those developments, it’s always a good game when these two teams clash in Dallas. Oklahoma is coming off a disappointing season last year whereas Texas is hoping new coach Steve Sarkisian is going to fully revive this proud program. There will be no better way for Sarkisian to ingratiate himself with the fans and alumni than to beat Oklahoma.

Honey BBQ: Alabama at Texas A&M (Oct. 9)

This is a flavor that has become a classic over the past decade, similar to the rivalry brewing between these two programs. Texas A&M upset Alabama in 2012 when it first joined the SEC, and it’s always been exciting to watch these teams go head-to-head. It’s a fascinating matchup because Alabama is a perennial powerhouse and Texas A&M has plenty of talent to go toe-to-toe with them on the field. This is going to be the first big test for the Aggies, who should start the year in the top-10, and will go a long way to determining if they can threaten Alabama in the SEC this year.

Garlic Parmesan: Florida at LSU (Oct. 16)

This matchup has all the umami flavor of a garlic parmesan sauce. Just like this game, these wings aren’t too spicy, but we can all enjoy a great football game between two great teams paired with a great chicken wing with two great flavors. Both of these teams should flirt with 10 wins at least this season and it’s always a classic when the Tigers and Gators meet on the gridiron. For the diehards out there, this is a game for both teams to circle before the season, but it’s also a great option for the average college football fan on what otherwise will be a mundane weekend of college football. This is the same feeling for garlic parmesan sauce, it will never disappoint you even if it might not be your favorite flavor.

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