March Madness Cocktail Bracket

With March Madness tipping off in weeks to come, it’s time to start preparing those brackets. Teams will be revealed on March 11th and most bracket challenges won’t lock until Thursday March 15th at noon. Just remember, you don’t have to be a basketball expert to participate. The chances of correctly picking all 63 winners is extremely unlikely. If a busted bracket isn’t your thing, gather you’re friends and participate in a cocktail bracket instead.

The rules are rather simple: Gather your MVPs and get to mixing. You’ll want to create some GameDay Batched Cocktails to avoid any lengthy time-outs. We suggest drafting 8-16 friends to create 1-2 different March Madness cocktails each.

Select the order of opponents to go face-to-face and get to boozing. Sample 3oz servings of each cocktail and rank your favorites in your March Madness boozy bracket. Consider setting a prize for the teammate with the winning cocktail and don’t forget some food to cleanse that palate.

We suggest creating a variety of vodka cocktails, some on the lighter end and others that pack a bit more punch. The March Madness Mule is a fan favorite, with so many different variations available, you’re bound to get a basket. Just remember, play to the crowd. You can add some watermelon for a refreshing finish or mix in some apple cider to bring out that tailgating nostalgia. If you want to hit a slam dunk, we recommend making a homemade simple syrup which can actually be quite simple. For other ideas check out our recipes here and don’t forget to hit “for the team” toggle.

Whether your plan on filling out a March Madness bracket or participating in a cocktail bracket with friends, one easy way to get some skin in the game is to enter our Official (Unofficial) Hoops Giveaway here. Don’t forget to tag us on social @gamedayvodka with your teams favorite court-side cocktail.


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