Our Best Picks for NFL Draft Party Ideas

Whether you’re watching every round, or just here for the snacks, we have the NFL draft party ideas you need. 

We both know that draft day is basically an official holiday: you get to see your friends and family, eat your favorite foods, and support your team as they make their picks. GameDay All-American Vodka wants to make sure that your 2021 NFL draft party is even better than last year’s, so we brought you our best NFL draft party ideas.

Nothing makes us more impatient for football season to start than the NFL draft. And if we’re being honest, we usually start our countdown for next season about ten minutes after the Super Bowl is over. This year is no different. 

The first item on our list of NFL draft party ideas is the Draft Day uniform. You don’t want anyone to wonder who your team is, and whether that means throwing on a jersey or theming your entire outfit, you’ll always be a fan in our eyes. You can up the competition by awarding the title of “best dressed” to the fan that takes their outfit all the way to the end zone.

NFL Draft Party Ideas

Next up is the food. We like the idea of supporting some local restaurants by ordering delivery, or maybe coordinating a potluck-style meal with friends. Our favorite Draft Day fare includes barbecue, with everyone bringing a different side dish, or maybe pizza and a table full of finger foods. 

But don’t stress about food too much – we’ve all seen those miniature stadiums made out of pretzels and dip, and if that’s not your thing, that’s ok. Even if you didn’t carve a melon in the shape of a football, you can still come to the party

While we’re talking food, we can’t forget drinks. Here are some signature cocktails from GameDay All-American Vodka that you won’t forget:

The Playmaker: Similar to a Blackberry Bourbon Smash, this one gives you the chance to show off the fact that you can muddle ingredients like no one else. 

Blueberry Lemonade: This versatile cocktail can be made with any berry that pairs well with lemonade. We think it’s perfect for a warm April evening, and love that you can mix it up by the pitcher as well.

GameDay Hail Mary: While we’re talking NFL Draft party ideas, we would be remiss if we didn’t suggest a Bloody Mary bar. Not only that, but we’re pretty sure this counts as a whole serving of vegetables. At least on Draft Day.

NFL draft party ideas

So now you know what you’re wearing, what you’re eating, and what you’re drinking, and that’s kind of all you need for a great NFL Draft Day. Mix it all up, throw in your favorite people, and grab a bottle of GameDay All-American Vodka. You’re on your way to another memory-filled season. 

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