How To Ring In the New Year With The Smoothest Vodka Toast

What a year it’s been. 2020, you’ve been nothing but a curveball! Which means we’re ready to ring in the new year on a smoother note with our GameDay All American Vodka, the smoothest vodka in the lineup. Here’s our guide to hosting the best New Year’s toast in true GameDay style.

If you’re planning a virtual or small gathering this year and are unsure of how to make it just as awesome as last year, we’re here to help. Here’s how to treat your guests to the smoothest vodka toast worth remembering throughout 2021!

Plan A Game Or Activity To Hype Your Team Up

Have you ever been to a party and felt like there was nothing to bring everyone together? Maybe it’s just us, but as team players, we’re big on party games. Especially if you’re hosting virtual New Year’s parties this year, you’ll need to unite your group in a creative way.

Planning games for your in-person or virtual crew is a great way to give the party a sense of unity and give people something to do as you await the ball drop. A game we recommend for the occasion is to ask everyone to bring something they want to leave behind in 2020 and one thing they want to bring/get in 2021, and take turns sharing with the group! It’s a fun twist on cliche resolutions and you might even learn something new about your guests. Hint: we’re bringing a bottle of the smoothest vodka as our 2021 item. What would you bring?

Pick A Party Theme

Another great way to get everyone involved from the start is to set a party theme. There’s something unifying about dressing up with your friends, and even from a computer screen, it can be a shared moment of laughter and great memories. Whether it’s the classic black tie, sparkly Vegas vibe, or even a traditional pajama party, you can’t go wrong with giving some incentives for the best dressed in your bunch. Pick something that fits your group personality well. Maybe the prize for best dressed could be a bottle of GameDay vodka?

Practice The Punchline & Deliver

Next, it’s the moment of truth…toast time! With our smoothest vodka in hand, you’re sure to wow the crowd. But you may be wondering, how do I even begin to sum up 2020? Great question. Here’s what we suggest toasting to: 

  • Strong Wi-Fi connection. The true silent hero of 2020! 
  • Share a sappy quote that brings hope for the year to come. 
  • Open with something you’re most looking forward to in the New Year. 
  • Or when in doubt…To the smoothest vodka in the game – for always being just a pour away from a good time.

Then, cheers! We made it through 2020 together. Share your gratitude for your loved ones toasting in 2021 with you. The best way we know how is with our smoothest vodka in hand, so order a bottle of GameDay All American Vodka for your New Year’s toast today.

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