Spike Your Spirit

The 4th of July calls for boats, booze and barbecues. The event of the summer is just around the corner, so get ready to party! Whether you’re hitting the beach, launching fireworks or relaxing with your MVPs, there’s no better way to celebrate than with GameDay All American Vodka! Here’s how to make the most out of your long weekend celebrations!

Sip Spiked

Red, white and booze! Impress your friends and family with the new MVP of summer. Infused with electrolytes and real fruit juice, Spiked will surely dazzle your friends and have them drinking all day. These performance cocktails are 5% alcohol by volume, 99 calories and packed with flavor!

Patriotic Pops

Spike your red n’ blue freezie pops with GameDay Vodka! This refreshing trick went viral on TikTok and is super easy to try at home. Simply snip off the top of your freezie pop and pour out some of the liquid. Next, pour in some GameDay Vodka and carefully reseal the opening with a hot straightening iron. Check out this TikTok for specific instructions!

Red, White and Booze Cocktail

Elevate the classic vodka cranberry with a patriotic rim! Start by rimming your glass with blue pop rocks for an All-American touch. Mix up GameDay Vodka, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice and triple sec and pour over ice! This makes the perfect tangy cocktail with a bit of boom!


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