Spring Break Drinks for a Strong Season Kickoff

If you have spring break drinks on your mind, we have the solution. These three signature cocktails are best enjoyed while doing what you love, whether it’s cheering on your team or just relaxing with fellow fans.

The days are getting longer, it’s getting warmer, and you might be skipping your jacket while walking out the door. You know what that means: spring break is right around the corner. You call your friends, we’ll handle the drinks.

Spring Break Drinks

So what should spring break drinks consist of? Think fruit, GameDay All-American Vodka, and a glass you wouldn’t have a problem throwing a little paper umbrella in. These drinks need to be no-fuss, easy to whip up, and just as good enjoyed in your backyard as they are on the beach. You might be traveling a little less this season, and probably hosting smaller gatherings, so we are right here to help you make spring break just as memorable.

The Naked Bootleg

Our first contender is none other than the Naked Bootleg. It’s about as tropical as you can get, and will have you dreaming of palm trees and a warm breeze in no time. With pineapple, passion fruit, and lime, this is one is a crowd-pleaser. The Naked Bootleg is best enjoyed from a lounge chair, and we recommend pairing it with your favorite chips and salsa.

The Hook & Ladder

Nothing says refreshing quite like a lemonade on a hot day, and we have the perfect answer for that in the Hook & Ladder. This classic spring break drink combines the flavors of GameDay All-American Vodka with lemon and soda. Top it off with a cherry and an orange wedge, and it’s just *chef’s kiss*.

The Victory Formation

Our last cocktail goes perfectly with an afternoon barbecue. The Victory Formation is delicious and effective, bringing together the taste of GameDay All-American Vodka, lemon, and honey. The sweet honey simple syrup is easy to make, and brings your attention to the contrast of the citrusy lemon. Pour it over ice in a rocks glass, and you’re set.

Spring break drinks

These spring break drinks are just a few of the great options we have, and we know that mixing them up with a smoother, handcrafted vodka just makes them that much better. Spring break is the trial run for your summer, so make it a good one and grab a bottle of GameDay All-American Vodka today.

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