Tailgate Drink Guide: How to Style Your GameDay Vodka

Raise your drink if you’re ready for tailgate season! We sure are, we actually plan our whole year around our season schedule, no kidding. But when it comes to planning a tailgate for your fandom this season, don’t let the tailgate drink be an afterthought. We’re here to help you plan ahead and pour the drinks your team deserves to be toasted to.

Classic with a Kick

If you’re into the classics for your tailgate drink of choice, we’re right there with you. After all, tailgating is all about owning the moments your team shares on the field in your own way. We know you have those game-day rituals, whether it be those lucky socks or that jersey you used to wear in the student section, there’s no harm in jazzing up that routine a bit, unless of course, it doesn’t work. But trust us, these recipes work and we elevated these boring classics to be game-winning in true GameDay All American Vodka style.

GameDay All American Mule Vodka Cocktail with Regatta Ginger Beer

Here are the steps to crafting our GameDay All American Mule:

  • 2oz GameDay Vodka in your team’s color combo
  • ½ oz lime juice
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • 4 oz Regatta Ginger Beer
  • Lime wheel for garnish
  • Cubed ice
  • Copper Mule Mug

Combine liquid ingredients into copper mule mug, fill with ice, top with ginger beer and garnish with lime wheel.

GameDay All American Mule Vodka Cocktail Garnet & Gold FSU

Teamed-Out Tonic

We chose to style our vodka bottles after the passionate fan bases that each team brings with it. Each of us are part of the teams we cheer on, both on the field and off, and our tailgate drinks showcase that. Whether you’re watching the game intently, or there for the tailgate experience, choosing your vodka for the event should be as easy as your team affiliation with the spirited options we provide.

Tackle the Fourth Quarter

Remember those college game days when the fourth quarter suddenly starts and you look through the student section and feel that energy shift? We sure do. Especially after tailgating the right way, the fourth quarter reboot is essential to staying ready for that win!

Even the most loyal fans can admit, some games get frustrating. Yes, we too are guilty of yelling at the television from time to time. Really the fourth quarter is make or break for a lot of those close-call wins, and we find ourselves needing another pour to maintain that team spirit. Which means it’s a perfect time for you and your fellow fans to take your celebration to the next level! We’re all about styling a fun drink for the end of game cheers, whatever that may mean to you. You know what they say, win or lose…

Grab your GameDay All American Vodka (with your team’s colors of course), add the ingredients for your favorite tailgate drink recipe into that team tumbler you may have had since college (we won’t ask how long it’s been), then it’s game on!

Whether you’re tailgating by the field or homegating this season, our hand-crafted bottles were designed to bring your game day experience to the next level. With our gluten-free vodka being awarded 93 points from the IWSC, and fewer calories per sip than our competitors, your game day vodka of choice should be an easy one. Share how you use your GameDay All American Vodka in your tailgate drink by tagging our Instagram. After all, we’re on the same team when it comes to tailgate drinks!

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