What is TerrePURE?

Ever wonder why GameDay is the smoothest vodka around?

Here at GameDay, we distill our vodka using the patented TerrePURE process .

TerrePURE is a natural process that cleans and refines spirits after distillation. This patented process helps age, filter and purify our vodka which results in a premium, high quality product that’s much smoother than any of our competitors. Ultrasonic waves are used to drive oxidation which leads to a more efficient, less time consuming filtration and aging process. The TerrePURE process makes our vodka clean and reduces the alcoholic burn, giving it a smooth mouth feel. 

GameDay vodka is a top-shelf, competitively priced product all thanks to the TerrePURE process. It blends perfectly with your favorite ingredients to make premium cocktails. 

Test our quality against any other vodka with the #GameDayChallenge. Take a shot of GameDay, followed by a shot of the other guy and tell us if you taste the difference. 

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