Valentine’s Day Drinks To Toast To This February

If love is the biggest win in your life this season, here are some Valentine’s Day drinks to toast to with your teammate. And yes, this is your excuse to pour them extra sweet. You’re welcome.

You don’t have to be a Bulldogs fan to realize that our red and black vodka bottle is sleek. It’s the perfect vibe for your Valentine’s Day drinks. And it just so happens that it matches a bouquet of roses perfectly. Pro tip – buy the flowers, thank us later. 

Now, let’s get into how to pair this pour.

The Playmaker

Muddling our way into some magic for your evening, The Playmaker is the MVP in our lineup. Truthfully, what’s more classic than mint, lemon, blackberries, and our GameDay All American Vodka? A winning draft for your Valentine’s Day lineup.

Incorporate this cocktail into your date night plans by making it together! You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your date. Grab our red and black vodka bottle, and you’re ready to make the perfect Valentine’s Day drinks. Because why not match the occasion?

Blueberry Lemonade

For the real sweeties in your life, our Blueberry Lemonade cocktail was made to be loved by you! From hand-crafted blueberry syrup to the punch of our smoother-than-smooth vodka, this is sure to set the right mood for your Valentine’s Day plans. 

This cocktail’s color is a gorgeous dark magenta, making a fun couple with the red and black vodka bottle. This fits the look for the perfect Valentine’s Day drinks, hands down.

Gameday Hail Mary

Whoever said Valentine’s Day didn’t include a breakfast-in-bed moment was lying, and we have the perfect drink to accompany your plans! The Gameday Hail Mary cocktail is a brunch-time necessity for a good reason – we simply adore it. This classic drink is made with their favorite bloody mary mix and custom garnishes if you want to go to the extra yard. 

If you’re eager to pour your first playmaker this Valentine’s Day weekend, we’re not going to stop you! Find a red and black vodka bottle near you, and raise your Valentine’s Day drinks to toast to the love in your life.

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