Vodka Drinks to Tee Off The 2021 Masters Tournament

Make the start of The Masters Tournament a hole-in-one with these four refreshing vodka drinks from GameDay All-American Vodka. Whether you’re enjoying the tournament solo or with a group of friends, we have the cocktails you’ll want.

You might not be standing on the course at Augusta, but there’s still something special about watching The Masters on TV. To start the majors tournament season, we have some winning cocktail recipes for any vodka drinks you might need. At GameDay All-American Vodka, we really pride ourselves in our ability to ‘read the green’ as one does. 

Why choose GameDay All-American Vodka as your drink of choice? We’re the vodka for the fans, and with over 30 years of industry experience, we know a thing or two about a good drink. Our gluten-free, six times distilled vodka gives you a clean, smooth finish and crisp taste that you can raise a glass to. But enough about us, let’s move on to those vodka drinks for The Masters. 

vodka drinks

Nothing says golf like a good Arnold Palmer, and what could make it better than GameDay All-American Vodka? This vodka drink is as simple to make as it is delicious, with a classic combination of iced tea, sweet lemonade, and GameDay All-American Vodka. An absolutely perfect pairing to anything you can throw on the grill, you’ll want to be sipping these vodka drinks all afternoon.


If you’re not a big iced tea fan, your next option is the Victory Formation. It might not come with a green jacket, but we have it on good authority that we’re all winners here. These vodka drinks bring together GameDay All-American Vodka with lemon and some scratch-made honey syrup. We think it’s the perfect refreshment after working on your short game.

Vodka drinks

Next, there’s the always refreshing Hook & Ladder. Our twist on a sparkling lemonade, these vodka drinks pair GameDay All-American Vodka with lemon, club soda, and simple syrup. Always a crowd-pleaser, you’re going to want to make this one by the pitcher.

And finally, we have the GameDay All-American Mule. If you’re going all the way with traditional Masters snacks, this one is an excellent pairing to pimento cheese or club sandwiches. Otherwise known as the Moscow Mule, this classic cocktail combines ginger beer, lime, and GameDay All-American Vodka, and is on our list of vodka drinks best enjoyed after a day on the course.

At GameDay All-American Vodka, it doesn’t matter if you’re a hacker or the next Tiger Woods, we’re all fans here. So grab a bottle of handcrafted GameDay All-American Vodka online or at a store near you and start The Masters the right way.

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