Your Homegating Vodka Guide For The 2020 Season

And just like that, college football is back! As sports fans, it’s been quite the year trying to figure out how this season is going to play out for our teams – and now, what do we do about tailgating? Welcome to the new normal, aka the age of “homegating.” But don’t be mistaken – just because you’re home doesn’t mean you have to hold back any of your excitement! You can cheer your team on as loud as you want at your homegate this season – let’s see what the neighbors think. Take one for your team with this Homegating Vodka Guide For the 2020 Season.

GameDay Vodka Bloody Mary Cocktails with ZingZang Garnet and Gold

Homegating Vodka Rule #1: Be Bold & Go All Out - Your Home, Your Field.

If you’re a recent alum eager to see how your team’s new recruits will play this season and are excited to show some game day passion, we’ve got the homegating vodka for you. When it comes to decorating your space for a homegate it’s all about your team colors, right?!

We already know you have the flags, hats, banners, scarves, and t-shirts, so set them out and get them ready to go! We love planning our Publix list a day or two before game day, so be sure to grab these game day classics:

  • Chips & Dip – It’s the default crowd pleaser. But, let’s kick it up a notch! Try blue corn tortilla chips or bright orange queso to spice things up at the snack table.
  • GameDay All American Vodka – Whether it’s The Home Team matte black bottle or our Away Teams color palette, we’ve got you covered. Choose your homegating vodka theme and let everyone know who you’re cheering for!
  • Teamware at the Table – It’s all about wearing your team with pride, right? Since we can’t deck out the stadium with our colors, why not fill your homegating scene with the same hype? We’re a big fan of finding paper products with our team’s logo/colors on it. Impress your teammates even more with a matching Corkcicle cup! Our homegating vodka always tastes better in a matching cup. Try it for yourself!
  • Mixer Magic – Another way to pour some team love right into your cup is to add some colorful mixers to your homegating vodka. Try OJ for a pop of bright orange, ZingZang Bloody Mary mix to achieve that garnet red, or Crystal Light’s raspberry lemonade mix (our personal favorite).
GameDay Vodka Bottle Orange and Blue Tailgate

Homegating Vodka Rule #2: Be Strong - Pour Em’ How You Like It.

After that first kickoff (and let’s be real… even before!) it’s game time. We take it seriously. If you’re not cheering harder for your team after the first sip, something’s off. So be ready. Mix up a homegating vodka drink before the first rallying cry.

Our handcrafted vodka is always game ready and brings out that team spirit that ignites us. Toasting to your team with their colors just feels right. Because why would you toast to anything other than your team on game day?

Check out our homegating vodka recipes here, and pour ’em like your team just scored, because you just did with these drinks!

Homegating Vodka Rule #3: Be Loud - Make Yourself At Home, Don’t Be Shy.

Not sure if your neighbors will love or hate this advice, but we mean it…after all, it’s game day! Plus, if you’re the kind of fans we are, your neighborhood already knows it’s game day. So in true college tradition, cheer them on stadium-style! Even if you’re watching the replay… because it’s your home, your rules, you’re the referee here.

Adding in fun elements like megaphones, foam fingers, and customized teamware are just a few of the ways we recommend going all out for your team. It’s your space after all, how are you going to make it the ultimate homegate celebration?

Our homegating vodka is all about the experience we share as fans. If it doesn’t involve shouting at your television, that’s okay…but for us, it usually does (don’t judge). We created GameDay All American Vodka for the most important member of the team, the 12th man or woman, dedicated to the tailgate or homegate. So rest easy – with our homegating vodka in hand, you will always be the #1 fan!

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