Your Batched Cocktail Guide For Holiday Hosting

The holiday season might look and feel a little different this year, football is still on and the booze is still flowing. Whether you’re hosting in-person or virtual gatherings, here’s the ultimate batched cocktail guide to getting even the scrooges in your life into the holiday spirit.

Nothing’s quite like the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and we want to eliminate as much of the party planning stress as we can with this batched cocktail guide. Because what else takes off the holiday edge quite like a GameDay All American Vodka toast? 


First step is to plan the batched cocktails you want to serve, either all to yourself or to the team players in your life. Our cocktail guide has an ongoing list of all the drinks our team can’t stop creating, and it’s a great place to spark some holiday inspiration!  


We recommend counting the number of drinks you wish to pour before making your grocery list. Count this based on your family’s party preferences. Then search for a pitcher, make a list, and head to the store.


The next step is getting the right ingredients for the batched cocktail recipes you plan to make. Whether you’re crafting mom’s favorite vodka cranberry or a classic Bloody Mary mix for the mornings, the holidays are meant for celebration, so you’re on the right track! 

If you’re looking for a fun twist on a vodka classic, try our Apple Cider Honey recipe in batched cocktail form. Warning: your family might just finish the pitcher before dinner kicks off. Yes, it’s that good!


The day of celebration has come, the lights are hung, and sweaters are on! Time to impress your friends, family, and yourself with the best batched cocktails of the season. Here are some tips to make sure your batched cocktails are ready for a win: 

  • Set your portions. Multiply the recipe by the amount you plan to serve and jot it down before you get to mixing. Pro tip: if you’re looking for 8-10 servings we’ve already done the math for you. Click the toggl “For The Team.” 
  • Avoid eggs unless you’re an eggnog pro. We’ll leave this one up to you!
  • Decide if you’re going to dilute. Many batched cocktail recipes recommend adding some water to the recipe depending on if you’re serving over ice or not. Make a plan that fits your serving situation for the best game time decision.
  • Save the sparkling for the finale! As you may have already guessed, your sparkling ingredients will go flat if poured in too soon. So plan to pour these right before you serve for the best cocktail consistency.
  • Garnish for greatness. Add the flavor accents that make any cocktail picture perfect for the real crowd pleaser! 


For the final and most important part of the batched cocktail plan, it’s party time! Log-in to your family Zoom call, garnish your drinks to delight, and cheers to the best time of the year! If you’re looking to send some cheer to the cocktail lovers in your life, send them this link for some delicious cocktails year-round. And even better! Find a store near you to plan your next GameDay All American Vodka bottle purchase.

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