How To Score When Hosting A House Divided Tailgate

Picture this, game day is only weeks away. You, your partner and your kids are rooting for separate teams. How do you host an epic house divided tailgate, minus the tackiness? We’ve got you covered, without selling either of your teams short. Here’s our GameDay guide for how to score when hosting a house divided tailgate.

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Know Your Fanbase

If you’re inviting some fellow fans over to your tailgate, know their team beforehand. Pro Tip – make sure both partners in your space have a similar amount of teammates to cheer with. This is to make sure whoever shows up to your house divided tailgate can rep their team without feeling like they’ve come to the wrong tailgate (cringe averted). No one likes tailgating alone, but if it’s just your household tailgating together, don’t worry – we’re on your team too.

Team Huddle

We believe the best house divided tailgate has a team huddle, and we’re talking about the serious kind of game day huddle. Grab your fellow fans, get your gear on, and huddle up before the game starts. Set the goal to maintain high levels of team spirit throughout the day. It may sound silly but trust us, it helps boost the whole team’s morale, no matter what the score!

GameDay All American Vodka was created to embody that team spirit that fills the stadiums and hearts of our favorite teams along with their fanbases. This huddle will channel that game day spirit that our drinks pair perfectly with. Plus, all the athletes out there know it’s all about that game day huddle. Rally your team up, it’s game day.

GameDay Vodka House Divided Tailgate Georgia vs. Florida

Sip On Some Team Spirit

When your team kicks off, when the ref comes for that killer play your team just made, or when you score that final mark and win – these are all the moments that are best shared with a GameDay drink in hand. Our Away Team Line features color palettes to showcase your team spirit, giving you the taste and feel of watching every play on the field as a decked out member of your favorite team.

The fun of hosting a house divided tailgate is you now have two color palettes to play into and off of. Pro Tip – section off the drink table and display a separate team color on each side, with mixers and dining ware to match. Know your audience and make sure you have a variety of mixers to please everyone! Refuel your fanbase in the same spirit of the game, because fans gotta eat.

Green and Orange Miami University Kan Jam Bottle of Vodka

Our favorite memories from attending a house divided tailgate involve a friendly dose of competition, because it’s all about the game in the first place isn’t it? Adding a creative competitive element to your house divided tailgate space is key to bonding your team members during half-time. Plus, what’s a tailgate without a highly competitive round of cornhole? Just make sure you customize your boards to represent both teams. Or feel free to DIY a game that fits your fandom since you wear your team’s colors best.

When it comes to scoring your house divided tailgate party, step one is making sure the tone of your party reflects the team you’re cheering on! Our handcrafted vodka is created with that competitive team spirit in mind, order a bottle today with both of your team’s colors to tackle all your pre-kickoff planning.

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