Swish Up Your Basketball Cocktail For March Madness

The perfect basketball cocktail doesn’t exi… Wait, don’t finish that sentence, because it does exist, and we have it.

It’s that time of year again, and even if you aren’t watching the game unfold in person, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it just as enjoyable at home in front of the flat screen. And whether you’re cheering on your favorite team as they advance to the next round, or crying over your shattered bracket, it’s all part of the fun of March Madness.

basketball cocktail

If you’re planning a National Championship watch party, you’re going to want to finalize your menu now. We’re thinking finger foods, maybe a pizza or something off the grill, and definitely basketball cocktails. If you’ve been brainstorming drinks and coming up short, we have some inspo for you.

First up is the GameDay All-American Mule. It’s our take on the classic Moscow Mule, which is always a fan favorite. Made with ginger beer, GameDay All-American Vodka, and lime, it’s as refreshing as it is simple to make. If you want to mix it up a little, we love how easy it is to customize with some Angostura bitters, or a splash of cranberry.

Next, nothing says basketball cocktail like our Run & Shoot. This grapefruit cocktail combines lime wedges and ultra-smooth GameDay All-American Vodka with the kick of jalapeno. The perfect accompaniment to any snack spread, we particularly enjoy it with some chips and guacamole or a plate of nachos. We love how refreshing the citrus flavors are.

basketball cocktail

And finally, we have one more great cocktail recommendation: The Playmaker. This fruity masterpiece brings together muddled blackberries, lemon, GameDay All-American Vodka, and a dash of sweet simple syrup. Pour it over ice and garnish with some mint leaves, and you’re set. Here’s a tip – you might want to make a pitcher to share, because this one is a fan favorite.

We hope this gave you some great ideas for your basketball cocktails. Even if your bracket doesn’t earn you bragging rights, a great drink selection is sure to. And while you might be staying home for March Madness this year, we are sure it’s going to be as unforgettable as ever.  So find a bottle of GameDay All-American Vodka near you, or order online today!

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