Thanksgiving Cocktails

Hosting a house full of hungry fans doesn’t have to be stressful. Simply add a little booze! Here’s a few GameDay batched cocktails that’ll curve any tension with the in-laws and get your attention back on the game!

The Wishbone

The Wishbone is the perfect coffee cocktail to get your Thanksgiving started, bright and early! This espresso martini is crafted to dole out that much needed dose of caffeine along with a much-desired morning buzz. Serve this delightful drink in a chilled martini glass and garnish with dark chocolate shavings and fragrant coffee beans!
16 OZ GameDay Vodka
8 OZ Chilled Espresso
6 OZ Coffee Liquor
4 OZ Cream (Optional)
Pinches of Salt to taste
Combine ingredients into large mixing vessel, stir until all ingredients are combined, add ice right before serving. Serve into a chilled martini glass and garnish!

The Playmaker

The Playmaker is a muddled mason jar cocktail that encompasses rich flavors of blackberry, lemon and mint. Go the extra yard with some muddling and your guests will think they’re sipping on some swanky spirits! Consider garnishing your drink with a mint bundle or rosemary sprig for an extra festive touch.
16 OZ GameDay Vodka
24 Lemon Wedges
24 Black Berries
45-50 Mint Leaves
6 OZ Simple Syrup
Combine simple syrup, lemon, blackberries, and mint, into a large mixing vessel and muddle, add vodka and stir, add ice right before serving. Serve over crushed ice into a double rocks glass, top with crushed ice and garnish!

The Hail Mary Bloody

The Hail Mary Bloody! is a classic brunch-time cocktail that is sure to compliment your early morning eats. We suggest that you get to drinking bright n’ early with this hearty drink and save your appetite for turkey time. This savory drink is a fan favorite and easy to prepare! Consider setting up a “Bloody Bar” where friends and family can pour up their own drinks and garnish with a selection of celery, bacon, okra, pickles, olives and more!
16 OZ GameDay Vodka
32 OZ Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix (Fan Favorite)
4 OZ Fresh Lemon Juice
Combine all ingredients into a large mixing vessel add ice right before serving in a tajin rimmed pint glass.

Run & Shoot

Spice things up with the Run & Shoot! This spiced citrus cocktail combines grapefruit, lime and jalapeno to create a refreshing drink with a bite. Enjoy this cocktail with a sweet or salty rim, depending on the outcome of your team’s game. Serve to your teammates accordingly. Garnish with a grapefruit wheel and jalapeno skewer!
16 OZ GameDay Vodka
24 Lime Wedges
24 OZ Grapefruit Juice
Pinches of Granulated Sugar to taste
Pinches of Salt to taste
1 Whole Sliced Jalapeno
Combine lime wedges, salt, sugar into a large mixing vessel and muddle. Add grapefruit juice and GameDay vodka and stir. Add ice and  serve into a salt rimmed double rocks glass and garnish!

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