The Difference You Can Taste: Handcrafted Vodka

You may be wondering what “handcrafted vodka” actually means? Well at GameDay All-American Vodka, it means everything. Here’s what you should know about our handcrafted vodka.


Made In Small Batches

One of the main criteria for creating a truly handcrafted vodka is the small batch sizes used in the distilling process. This distinction was created to represent the craft distilling industry in an accurate light. There is now a limit to 100,000 proof gallons annually sold to qualify for a handcrafted vodka label. This helps to ensure that this claim still holds its true significance.


With a combined 30 years of experience in the industry, our experts craft each small batch of vodka in our Southeastern distillery in Charleston, South Carolina. The small batch sizes ensure that at all points in the six-step distillation process, there are real humans, not some automated machinery, overseeing the quality control of our vodka. 

We Have Hands In The Game

When you imagine the process of making handcrafted vodka, do you think of a scientist in a lab coat carefully mixing ingredients and testing levels to find the perfect combination? Well, that’s pretty close! Except we’re really just like you…people with a passion for quality cocktails and a good time. And we prefer the term “vodka connoisseur” over “scientist” because…well, it just sounds cooler.


Take a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what the Terrepure process of distilling vodka looks like through this video


Smoother Taste That Scores

47% of consumers state that quality is the leading factor in their vodka purchasing decisions. Which is good news for us because the quality of our vodka is how we score GameDay success! Our hands-on, localized, and detailed distilling process gives us the ability to pay attention to all aspects involved in ensuring the quality and consistency of the handcrafted vodka we produce. 


The Terrepure patented process ensures that there are no additives or manipulations to the raw ingredients used. You’re getting the quality your drinks deserve with our handcrafted vodka – and we take that seriously. When you take your first sip of our GameDay All-American Vodka, you’ll experience the taste we’re talking about. The sharp acidic bite of other brands is simply replaced with a smooth strength that saturates your palette. Order a bottle today and experience the difference in true handcrafted vodka.

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